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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Receipt Redemption Table at Let's Create Expo

We are just 2 short weeks away from the best weekend of the year!! Right??

If you are new to Let's Create Expo or have never taken advantage of our Receipt Redemption Table, here is the scoop!!

Every person who enters the show receives 2 drawing tickets. You can enter those tickets into any drawings that you choose. We have new drawings and new prizes going on ALL DAY LONG!

At The Receipt Redemption Table you can earn MORE drawing tickets!!

Here is how:

Every time your make a purchase at the show, take your receipt(s) to the Receipt Redemption Table. For every $25.00 you spend you will receive another drawing ticket + shop any of our show sponsors and receive 2 bonus tickets, just for shopping our sponsors!!

**During the Early Bird Shopping Hour (9:00-10:00 am) you will receive 1 drawing ticket for every $10.00 you spend + shop any of our show sponsors during the early bird hour and receive 5 bonus tickets, just for shopping our sponsors!!

Also, remember Early Bird's - if you use any of the paper in your Early Bird Bag on a project, layout or card while at the show, stop and show your creation to our Receipt Redemption Staff and they will have 10 drawing tickets for you!!

There are are so many drawings to enter and so many ways to enter!! See you soon!

Being An EARLY BIRD at Let's Create Expo!

Let's Create Expo Regular Admission opens at 10:00 am each day BUT you can get started even earlier as an Early Bird Shopper! Doors for the early birds open at 9:00 am each day.

Early Bird tickets are $20.00 and include

**1 extra hour of shopping
**coupons from our sponsors for extra special deals good ONLY for early bird's
**A few "goodies" from our sponsors
**Double value receipts at the Receipt Redemption Table during the 9:00 am hour (more on the Receipt Redemption Table HERE)

You don't want to miss being an Early Bird this year!  We have some FUN goodies in our Early Bird Bags!

Here is a sneak peek:

1. The Bead Farm (a new vendor AND a sponsor) has donated charms to each of our Early Bird's. Just stop by their booth and they will teach you how to make the charms into earrings!

2. Paper!! Who loves paper, right?? Each Early Bird bag has 4 coordinating sheets of paper. Each bag is different but all the designs are really cute!! (Below are just a few of the included designs, each bag will be different)

Now, how about some paper fun???

While scrappin' at the show if you use your Early Bird paper in a layout, a card or in any other project, stop by the Receipt Redemption table, show them your project and they will have 
10 BONUS Drawing Tickets for you!! WOOH WOOH!! That is a great way to up your chances of winning a prize!!