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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Receipt Redemption Table at Let's Create Expo

We are just 2 short weeks away from the best weekend of the year!! Right??

If you are new to Let's Create Expo or have never taken advantage of our Receipt Redemption Table, here is the scoop!!

Every person who enters the show receives 2 drawing tickets. You can enter those tickets into any drawings that you choose. We have new drawings and new prizes going on ALL DAY LONG!

At The Receipt Redemption Table you can earn MORE drawing tickets!!

Here is how:

Every time your make a purchase at the show, take your receipt(s) to the Receipt Redemption Table. For every $25.00 you spend you will receive another drawing ticket + shop any of our show sponsors and receive 2 bonus tickets, just for shopping our sponsors!!

**During the Early Bird Shopping Hour (9:00-10:00 am) you will receive 1 drawing ticket for every $10.00 you spend + shop any of our show sponsors during the early bird hour and receive 5 bonus tickets, just for shopping our sponsors!!

Also, remember Early Bird's - if you use any of the paper in your Early Bird Bag on a project, layout or card while at the show, stop and show your creation to our Receipt Redemption Staff and they will have 10 drawing tickets for you!!

There are are so many drawings to enter and so many ways to enter!! See you soon!

Being An EARLY BIRD at Let's Create Expo!

Let's Create Expo Regular Admission opens at 10:00 am each day BUT you can get started even earlier as an Early Bird Shopper! Doors for the early birds open at 9:00 am each day.

Early Bird tickets are $20.00 and include

**1 extra hour of shopping
**coupons from our sponsors for extra special deals good ONLY for early bird's
**A few "goodies" from our sponsors
**Double value receipts at the Receipt Redemption Table during the 9:00 am hour (more on the Receipt Redemption Table HERE)

You don't want to miss being an Early Bird this year!  We have some FUN goodies in our Early Bird Bags!

Here is a sneak peek:

1. The Bead Farm (a new vendor AND a sponsor) has donated charms to each of our Early Bird's. Just stop by their booth and they will teach you how to make the charms into earrings!

2. Paper!! Who loves paper, right?? Each Early Bird bag has 4 coordinating sheets of paper. Each bag is different but all the designs are really cute!! (Below are just a few of the included designs, each bag will be different)

Now, how about some paper fun???

While scrappin' at the show if you use your Early Bird paper in a layout, a card or in any other project, stop by the Receipt Redemption table, show them your project and they will have 
10 BONUS Drawing Tickets for you!! WOOH WOOH!! That is a great way to up your chances of winning a prize!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Beach Vacation - DIY Souvenir

Are you looking forward to a little bit of this......

Summer is just around the corner (believe it or not) and if you have a beach vacation planned, I have a really fun idea for you!

Every time we hit the beach my kids start a new collection of VERY special items. 
No matter what I say, my kids always convince me that these are the best shells they have EVER found!
I always bring them home and think I will do something amazing with them, but usually they sit in a box until my kids forget about them.

Well, last year our family took a very special vacation and my kids did collect shells and I finally came up with the perfect way to save and display our new shells.

Isn't it cute??? Not only is it the permanent home to all our favorite shells, it is also home to that cute little green fish that my daughter had in one of her tropical smoothies on the beach. 

Our shell collection sits on a shelf in our family room right next to a photo from our memorable vacation.

Thanks SO much to Expressions Vinyl for the vinyl I used in this project.

Visit their booth at Let's Create Expo, April 22-23, 2016 and pick up some vinyl for some projects of your own. 

ALSO: the photo of my project was taken using Shotbox, LLC. Check out my earlier post highlighting their product and see how easy it is to take great photos! Plus, don't forget to check them out at our upcoming show!

2016 Classes

SO MANY classes to choose from at Let's Create Expo!!

Here is the list by the hour (Photos & Links are below):


Happy Crafter's: Update Your Home With Heat Transfer
Close To My Heart: Interactive Coloring Cards
Anthology by Lisa Bearnson: 4 Layouts
Embellish IT! Tips, Trends & Techniques

Project Life App: Scrapbooking Made Easy on your phone
Close To My Heart: Delightful, Dimensional Flower Cards
Adornit: Relax and Color!
Embellish IT! My Story Album

Tell Your Story: Video Basics
Joanie's Cards: Mini Bag Pocket Cards
Kisi Lane: Owl-Adorable
Embellish IT! Designer Layouts Featuring BasicGrey

Mini Marathon Super Class
Simple Stories: Let's Party!

Craft Fantastic: Vintage Jewelry

The FOREVER Digital Solution by Forever (FREE)

Project Life App: Scrapbooking Made Easy on your phone
Close To My Heart: Delightful, Dimensional Flower Cards
Adornit: Relax and Color!
Simple Stories: Let's Party!

Tell Your Story: Video Basics
Close To My Heart: Interactive Coloring Cards
Kiwi Lane: Life's Little Moments, 2 page layout + Card Designer Template

Anthology by Lisa Bearnson - 4 page layouts
Happy Crafter's: Update Your Home with Heat Transfer

Below are links and photos for each class!

NEW for 2016!
Our Mini Marathon Super Class!
Over $300 in prizes will be given away during the class!

Featuring 4 Vendors teaching 4 classes for ONLY  $30!
Don't miss this opportunity to learn 4 techniques by 4 teachers while finishing 4 fun projects!

Happy Crafter's: Update your Home with Heat Transfer

Interactive Coloring Cards with Jen Mahan from
Close To My Heart

Anthology By Lisa Bearnson
4 - Two Page Layouts

Embellish IT!
Tips, Trends & Techniques

Scrapbooking In The Palm Of Your Hand
Learn the BRAND NEW Project Life App

Delightful Dimensional Flower Cards
Diana Veenendahl - Close To My Heart Consultant

Relax and Color

Embelish IT!
My Story Album

Tell Your Story - Video Basics
Taught by Heather Cluff
Get those videos OFF your phone!

Kiwi Lane
Owl - Adorable Layouts - Taught by Independent Consultant

Embellish IT!
Designer Layouts Featuring BasicGrey

Simple Stories
"Let's Party" 4X6 Sn@p Album

Kiwi Lane
"Life's Little Moments" 2 page layout + Card Designer Template

Anthology by Lisa Bearnson
4 - Two Page Layouts

Monday, March 14, 2016

Shotbox - New 2016 Vendor

We have a number of fantastic **NEW** vendors joining us in 2016. I am REALLY excited about them. We are always on the lookout for what is new and exciting in the crafting industry and Shotbox is one of those finds that we are really excited about!

First off, Friday morning Shotbox will be offering a FREE demonstration/tutorial class at Let's Create Expo. It will be held in Classroom A at 9:00 am. Mark your calendars and sign up early because space will be limited. Come learn how to digitize scrapbook pages, documents, etc into high quality images using Shotbox. You will be amazed to see what you can do with a Shotbox and the camera on your phone.

Now, a little more about Shotbox.....

I have been using Shotbox now for about 6 weeks and I am in LOVE with it!

Shotbox is perfect for bloggers, scrapbookers, artists, genealogists, crafters or anybody else who wants to take quality photographs without all the expensive equipment. If you have kids interested in stop motion animation, this is also great for that.

Here are a few photos I took with my phone (HTC 1) using Shotbox:

Check out my earlier post all about vinyl! Another one of my favorite items at our 2016 show!

In the past I have spent hours trying to get lighting just right to take a nice photo. That is totally in the past now! I can't say enough about how much I love my Shotbox. Make sure to stop by their booth at the show April 22-23, 2016 and learn more about this brand new product!

Monday, February 29, 2016

HTV Vinyl Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part post highlighting a few HTV Vinyl projects I have done. I am thrilled that we have 2 wonderful vinyl companies who will be at the show this year!

Check them out!!

Follow them in Instagram and Pinterest. You won't be disappointed!
Expressions Vinyl on instagram: @expressionsvinyl
Expressions Vinyl on Pinterest

Happy Crafter's on Instagram:@happycrafters
Happy Crafter's on Pinterest

If you haven't yet experienced the crafting bliss of using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) - don't wait any longer! Both of these companies are industry leader's and are worth your attention at the show!

There is really not anything you can't do or problem you can't solve with a little HTV in your crafting stash. I started using it about 2 years ago and am excited to share just a few of the projects I have done with t-shirts and Part 2 will be other project that aren't t-shirts.

Star Wars Almost-Disaster:
My dear daughter forgot to mention that she had to dress up for action figure day (or something like that) a little while ago. No problem, I was able to use this HTV Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and had a shirt finished in literally no time. I totally LOVE IT but most importantly, so did she!

We are coming up on St Patrick's Day which reminds me of last year when at 9:00 pm the night before the big day,  my younger daughter realized her wardrobe didn't include anything green. My kids go to a charter school so when a "free dress day" comes along we need to take full advantage. The shirt we used was actually a blank t from her closed that had a stain on it. We covered the stain with a little HTV and she left to school very happy!

Summer Boredom
These photos are from last summer. Daughter #2 was home alone and bored. She was pretty down because everyone everyone but her had a friend to play with. She wandered into the craft room and before I knew it she was color matching the vinyl and looking for a t-shirt to decorate. This is really so easy that with a little supervision, kids can do it themselves. She still loves her soccer shirt!

Check out Happy Crafter's class at our 2016 show. They will be teaching all about using HTV and you will get to make and leave with 2 new kitchen towels!

Their class will be taught Friday @ 10:30 and Saturday at 2:30. Sign up now!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

T-Shirt Design Contest Winner!

Thank YOU to all who voted! We have a winner - Melinda Price's design! Congratulations to Melinda! I can't wait to get my hands on this shirt!!

This t-shirt will be included with our "Ultimate Ticket" Package along with a water bottle and other goodies.

Tickets are available HERE

I love this design for 2016 as we Celebrate Our Creativity! Mark our calendar's and join us for a fun weekend of shopping, creating and excitement! We have a solid group of vendor's joining us and it will definitely be a weekend of fun memories!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 T-Shirt Design Contest

Happy 2016!!

Let's Create Expo 2016 plans are in the works! We are so excited for April 22-23, 2016! It will be an amazing weekend!

In preparation for our 2016 show we are thrilled to announce our 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest!

Don't be shy! Even if you are a beginner, give it a try!!

There are only 4 rules:

-Submissions must be emailed to
-Entry must be submitted as a pdf, jpg or ai file
-Our 2016 theme of "Celebrating our Creativity" must be utilized
-Submissions must be sent in by Friday January 29, 2016

The top 3 designs will be placed on our facebook page for a vote to select the winner!


1. The TOP 3 finalists will win Saturday Early Bird Show Entry (Saturday April 23, 2016)
2. The winning design will be featured on our 2016 show t-shirt (included with ultimate tickets)
3. The winner of the winning design will receive a gift basket at the show (it will include a t-shirt)

PLUS! Bragging Rights for a whole year!