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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt using Scrap Codes

I know Easter is only one day away, but I still wanted to share what we'll be doing Sunday morning. I love Scrap Codes! Their really fun and versatile product utilizes QR codes to personalize whatever you want. When you receive one of their codes, you add the specific code number to your account and then are directed to a page that allows you to upload photos, video, audio, notes, or add a link to something else. I decided I wanted to spice up our little Easter egg hunt and combine it with the popular scripture egg activity where each egg contains something that has to do with the Resurrection.

So, rather than having each egg contain that part of the Resurrection with the scripture, I added the Scrap Codes sticker to each egg and filled them with candy. There will be five eggs total, because my kids are still young and have short attention spans, and the last one will have their stash of fun. Here's some of the eggs and their locations (the codes still scanned just fine even though they were a little folded):

Here's the break down of each egg:

#1-John 13:34-35  Heart
#2-Luke 22: 19-20  Sacrament Cup or Bread
#3-Isaiah 1:18 Snowflake or something white
#4-John 3:16 Cross
#5-Matthew 28:6 Empty Tomb

And here are the links that I used for each one. Because kids are visual, I chose to use either pictures or video for each. The pictures I directly uploaded and the videos I just linked to. It will be fun to run around and find the egg, get the goody, but also be able to talk about Easter and its importance at the same time. It makes it more fun to scan the eggs and find a "treasure" too!






If this looks fun to you, you can grab some from their store online!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scrap Codes? What Are Those? YOU Will Want One!!

Ooh, I have the coolest new thing to show you today!  ScrapCodes makes customizable QR code stickers that are fantastic for both traditional and digital scrapbooking.  If you have a smart phone, you are probably already familiar with the little square codes we're starting to see everywhere.  Advertisers use them all the time: "Scan this code for more information!"  You scan the little code with a smart phone, and you are whisked away to whatever information is locked into that code.

So now, brilliantly, we can do the same thing on our scrapbook pages!  You can link it to a picture slideshow (hello, perfect for those of us who take 700 pictures of a single event and somehow can't figure out how to cram them all onto a layout...), upload a video, record an audio message, write a note, or link it to a website.  For my first project, I linked my QR code to a YouTube video...

Last month my daughter, sister, mom and I took a little girls' trip to Los Angeles (to be on America's Funniest Home Videos, how crazy is that?!), and we took Eliza to the Santa Monica Pier.  She became instant best friends with a street performer named Lenny Hoops, who sang and danced with her for better than 10 minutes.  I posted a video with the best 3 1/2 minutes to YouTube.  The pictures are adorable, but I knew when I scrapped this event I had to include the video somehow to really tell the story.  I was just going to include the YouTube link in the journaling, but this is SO much better!

The QR code comes as a nice, sturdy clear sticker.  I mounted it to some white cardstock, then onto a washi tape covered tag.  Now anyone flipping through our Smash book from the trip can just whip out their phone to see the awesome video.  And you don't have to have a smart phone, either -- you can also type that little web address at the bottom, and it will take you to the same place!

These ScrapCodes stickers are pretty easy to use, too.  It took me a few minutes to download the app, get logged in, and figure out the best way to link up my video, but it the instructions were simple and thorough.  Anyone familiar with a smart phone could do it easily, and I think now that I am all set up and I know what I'm doing, setting each code up will take about a minute.

The only downside I can think of is that they aren't necessarily pretty.  I think the digital-y look works great with the edgier style of Smashbooking, but what about other styles?  The code could easily be affixed to a hidden tag or journaling spot, so that it's just out of view but totally available.

I am really excited about the multi-media possibilities offered with these new stickers.  I always have way more pictures than I can add to a page, or way too much journaling, or audio or video that I wish I could include.  Now I can!

Soon you'll be able to get your ScrapCodes stickers at their website, BUT you can snag some this weekend at ScrapbookUSA Expo!  In fact, ALL Early Bird and VIP attendees will receive a coupon to stop by the ScrapCodes booth to pick up a FREE code sticker so you can give it a try. The best part about the codes is that they are not expensive at all. In fact they run around $1.00 each (depending on how many you buy). Stop by ScrapCodes, booth #207!. The Expo is tomorrow and Saturday, and it is going to be a seriously good time.  Hope to see you there!  (I'll be wearing a pink Design Team t-shirt, so come say hi!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cards + Hand Stitching + BasicGrey = CUTE!

Hello and good morning..

It's Wendi on the blog today. One way to really personalize your projects is to add some sewing, and not just sewing machine stitching, but actual hand stitching. Sure it may take a little bit of time, but there is something so homemade when you add it on a project. I remember as a kid, I just loved to do those cross stitches and being so sad once they were completed because it was finished and my project was over.

Why not add your hand stitching to your cards? For these cards I used Basic Grey's Mint Julep line.

First I got some embroidery thread and a thicker needle.
Next I got out two premade tags, but you can easily make your own. I added a punched border to one of them. Once you know what sentiment you want to use, get your tag all ready. I used a pencil to write out my sentiment and then prepunched out holes, using the needle where I would be stitching. Next, add your hand stitching. Then you can use add it right onto your card.
On this card I added a bigger sentiment and matted my tag with paper, and then used machine sewing around the border. To top it off I added some bling:
For this second card, I created a pocket and placed my tag popping out of it:
I added a couple of wood veneer pieces to finish off the card:
So there you go.... And if you plan it out, just plop down and watch some tv while your stitching. I really believe hand stitching adds so much.
Thanks so much for stopping by....don't forget your cards this weekend! We will be collecting cards at The Original Scrapbook USA Expo for Card With Cards. All cards will be donated to Operation Write Home, Huntsman Cancer Institute and Utah Juvenile Justice System!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shopper Bags! Save Those Receipts!

WOW! Scrapbook USA is in 4 short days!! Crazy!

I am SO ready to get some shopping done, meet up with old friends and make some new friends! I really can't wait to get things going!

Make sure to save your receipts while shopping at the show this week! All day you can take your receipts to our redemption booth near the stage and you will receive a drawing ticket for each $25.00 you spend.

If you are quick enough you can also pick up one of our “Shopper Bags”. These bags are usually gone in a flash so you will want to be quick. Shopper bags come in 3 spending levels:


Once you spend $100 you can redeem your receipts or wait until you spend more and go for a higher level. Just don’t wait too long. These bags are usually gone in the first hours of the show.

Le Paper Cafe Logo

Le Paper Café is just one of the many fantastic companies who have donated product to the upper 2 level bags. (Check out their packing tape, it is DARLING!).
See you at Scrapbook USA Expo – This FRIDAY!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tye-Dye T’s with Sharpies Tutorial

Tye-dye t’s are still GROOVY but making them with kids can be less than GROOVY unless you are doing it with sharpies! I pinned this idea off the sharpie website forever ago and just realized this is a great spring break activity that we really needed to try.
Check out my complete videos of kids crafts on My Craft Channel! Lot’s of fun ideas to get you ready to ROCK spring break!
My 10 year old absolutely LOVED this craft, which means her younger sisters are going to love it too. The best part is that she was able be as creative as she wanted to be.
DSC_0011 logo
The first time my daughter played around with it the colors were fairly light. Later on (after the above photo) she sat back down and was much more aggressive with her coloring and the colors ended up deeper and darker.
To get started on this one you will need:
Bottle of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (at least 70%)
Medicine Dropper
Sharpie markers
Paper cup
White t-shirt
To get started we put put a piece of the t-shirt over the opening of the paper cup and used a rubberband to hold it in place.
She started by making round dots all over the designated area. She was afraid to go dark at first but once she got going she started playing more with the colors and tried lot’s of different designs.
The more color you add and the less space you leave, the better. Thin lines didn’t work as well. The colors were able to spread the best when they were thick.
Next we filled the medicine dropper with alcohol and began applying it to the colored areas.
Once we added enough color to one area to get the color to spread, it was time to adjust the fabric and work on the next area.
Once the shirt is colored to your desired look, throw it into the dryer until it dries and that will set the colors.
Happy Crafting!
DSC_0011 logo

Friday, March 15, 2013

Scrapbook USA - Almost time to PARTY (and SHOP) Like It's 1999!

For the past 13 years, Sandy, Utah has hosted the premier Scrapbooking event - The Original Scrapbook USA Expo.
Scrapper's and crafter's from all over the country (and beyond) have traveled to Scrapbook USA for shopping, cropping, and lot's of fun and unique memories.
Kiwi lane cropped

Join us for a few hours or better yet, make a weekend out of it. There is SO much to do at The Original Scrapbook USA!

make n takes

This year our theme is "Party Like It's 1999", and that is just what we intend to do. The fun starts at 9:00 am and goes until midnight. We start again at 9:00 on Saturday and keep the shopping and partying going until 6:00 pm. Of course, if the wait from Friday to Saturday is too long, join us for our All Night Crop and party until you drop (literally!). There is no other event where you can crop, shop, flex your muscles in a friendly tug-of-war challenge for product or stand up where your at and join in a dance-off, all in the same room.

dance off winners

So what makes Utah's The Original Scrapbook USA Expo so special?
I'd like to think it is the perfect combination of everything that we, the scrapper's and crafter's enjoy, all going on in one place, at the same time!

young scrappers

The Original Scrapbook USA Expo is home to the best vendor’s in the industry. We have everything from paper manufacturer’s to stamp companies and from new tools to innovative digital booths ready to inspire you with fresh and trendy ideas. Whether you are a fan of page kits or are more of a “do it from scratch” kind of crafter, you will be inspired and amazed as you browse and shop over 120 booths!


There really is something for everyone:
Scrapbook Celebrities
Scrapbook USA Spring 2011 032

Bring your sisters, friends, moms and daughters out(or just come and make some new friends) and have lot’s of fun with them and with us. Make sure to stop by My Craft Channel’s booth as you enter the show, shop fun product, enjoy a make-n-take, or enjoy a photo op with one of your favorite Scrapping celebrities all inside My Craft Channel’s booth.

Fall 2011 Friday 107

Visit our website for more details or join the fun with us on Facebook or our Blog!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Knee Highs" with Kassi and Basic Grey

Hello my fabulous friends!

I hope today finds you all wonderfully happy, heathy, and creative!  The Original Scrapbook USA is just over 1 week. There is still time to put together your cards for Care With Cards. Here is a bit more inspiration...

Today I have a couple cards to share made with one of Basic Grey's newest collections Knee Highs!
I love this collection! 

First up we have a little shabby sophistication... Over all, this is a fairly bright collection, but there are some papers that are a little more subdued. 

This too is on the softer side of the Knee Highs collection, and I absolutely love it! As much as I adore the bright colors of the rest of the collection, I think the "Cat's Cradle" may just be my absolute favorite single sheet!  It is simply beautiful! 

Isn't this collection beautiful???  


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Tink & Boo–New Vendor & Young Scrapper’s Club Sponsor + Giveaway!

I LOVE all the new vendors we have coming to Scrapbook USA Expo 2013!! Some amazing new companies and new products that are going to be super fun!
One of our new vendors, My Tink and Boo, will be bringing lot’s of fun product including her paper dolls! I have been browsing their site and think this one below is perfect for scrapping your photos of you and your daughters at Scrapbook USA

You can pick up her designs or order a “Just Like Me” doll to fit that perfect special occasion! I love these dolls for layouts, chore charts, magnets, cards and so many more fun projects

If you are bringing a Young Scrapper with you to the show, she will LOVE playing around with My Tink And Boo product at our Young Scrapper’s Club party! She will be able to choose from one of the 2 dolls below and I don’t doubt she will be having some fun putting her doll together!
Speaking of Young Scrapper’s Club – let’s do a GIVEAWAY!
How about 2 Young Scrapper’s Tickets??
Enter NOW!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Help Us Welcome Picaboo Yearbooks to Scrapbook USA! + Plus Giveaway

We are just days away from Scrapbook USA Expo 2013 and we have LOT'S of fun and creative new vendors at the show this year! We are SO excited to welcome Picaboo Yearbooks and can’t wait to have you check out what they have to offer…including free digital e-yearbooks…that’s right completely free no print obligation for schools, groups, or individuals.

But wait, before I get ahead of myself I should back track…Picaboo Yearbooks is a new division of and they have leveraged their award winning software to allow individuals at any skill level to create a customized yearbook that is simple and fun to create.

I know your thinking yearbooks? What Picaboo Yearbooks is doing, is really more exciting than just yearbooks. Remember getting your yearbook and flipping through to see how many times your picture was in the book?  With Picaboo Yearbooks every student gets to customize their yearbook to tell their story; students can create a custom back cover and add four custom pages to the book all for free, truly making the book “their yearbook”.

The magic is, it’s not just yearbooks for high school, you’re going to want to check these out for your kids in elementary school and middle school and they can even be used for fundraisers for your kids sport groups and teams, cheerleading, dance, family reunions, group family vacations, family history books…the uses are endless because of the features and formatting they have created to make it accessible to everyone.

The web based application is free; you just go online and start your book. Books start at just $8.49 for a book with 20 pages and each page is only $0.21 more! I know the price is great but the best part is that there are no minimums that must be purchased to get this price and if you’re doing your book for a group you don’t have to preorder anything.

We all know nothing is harder than being the mom on the soccer team that volunteers to put together the photo book at the end of the season; you end up buying twenty books (spending way too much money) and running around to collect money and deliver the books, hoping everyone pays you! With Picaboo Yearbooks you’re provided an easy to set up e-commerce site so family and friends go online and purchase their book; selecting from soft cover, hard cover or the free digital e-yearbook and they all get to create a custom back cover and add 4 free custom pages to turning the group’s book into their personal book.

Are you ready to check it out?  Go to and start your project; books can be ordered as soon as they’re done and e-yearbooks can be downloaded for free starting April 1st. 

***If you want a chance to win one of five coupon codes for a free soft cover book just visit Picaboo Yearbooks Facebook page and tell them what you think of a customized yearbook for your kids! 

If you live in Utah and want more information on how to start your project or to talk about the discounts they have for schools and groups so they can easily fundraise using Picaboo Yearbooks then email Autumn at autumn(at)picabooyearbooks(dot)com

Looking for more info??
Stop by Picaboo Yearbook's booth at the show March 22-23rd!
OR visit these links: