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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Beach Vacation - DIY Souvenir

Are you looking forward to a little bit of this......

Summer is just around the corner (believe it or not) and if you have a beach vacation planned, I have a really fun idea for you!

Every time we hit the beach my kids start a new collection of VERY special items. 
No matter what I say, my kids always convince me that these are the best shells they have EVER found!
I always bring them home and think I will do something amazing with them, but usually they sit in a box until my kids forget about them.

Well, last year our family took a very special vacation and my kids did collect shells and I finally came up with the perfect way to save and display our new shells.

Isn't it cute??? Not only is it the permanent home to all our favorite shells, it is also home to that cute little green fish that my daughter had in one of her tropical smoothies on the beach. 

Our shell collection sits on a shelf in our family room right next to a photo from our memorable vacation.

Thanks SO much to Expressions Vinyl for the vinyl I used in this project.

Visit their booth at Let's Create Expo, April 22-23, 2016 and pick up some vinyl for some projects of your own. 

ALSO: the photo of my project was taken using Shotbox, LLC. Check out my earlier post highlighting their product and see how easy it is to take great photos! Plus, don't forget to check them out at our upcoming show!