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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Happy Place 12x12 layout

SumMore Fun has a stamp rental club. They have Soooo many variety of stamps. You choose your favorites, they send you a kit to use for as long as you need it. Then you send it back to them free of charge, and your next kit comes! So easy! 

We were able to sample the rental club and the Happy Camper called to us for our first pick.

Why? Because we have a little guy whose ultimate happy place is beside a campfire...preferably marshmallows in hand. He builds campfires out of sticks, pencils, Legos, spoons, basically anything that he can assemble to look like a campfire, becomes a campfire. (fire excluded of course!)
We did a 12x12 two page layout.

We used watercolor pencils and luvvved the look we got when paired with the stencils! 
Glampers are so much fun!

Around the campfire is where this boy spends good times with his family. 
They are some of his happiest memories! (including drawing with the ashes!)

When the layout was done, the stamps were gently and thoroughly cleaned and placed onto the original backing and into postage-paid packaging. They still had ink stains but SumMore Fun assured us that this only means they are all the more loved!

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