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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

European Scrapbooking

Back in Australia a style of scrapbooking was created known as AZZA...more commonly known today as generic: European Scrapbooking. The layout focuses on an overall balance and harmony in the page. They use a lot of geometric shapes and patterns with the photo as the focus first. It's beautiful- google it, you won't be disappointed!

We wanted to design a page inspired by European Scrapbooking with a more rustic feel, and accented by our stamps from SumMore Fun's stamp collection: Happy Camper. You use them for as long as you need, so we took full advantage!

We went along with our fire theme (see above) and used the logo from Kai the Lego Fire Ninja (which we find ironic because the name Kai means uh, ocean, not fire), and cause, well, this little boy loves: fire, fire, fire! So once more we are memory keeping a little boys fascination. With wood as our background, the red logo and curling modeling paste smoke all come together on this two page 12x12 layout to create one harmonious design. The photos build the design.

We are loving these little fires from SumMore Fun! The stamps make it so easy to use watercolor pencils for a rich, colorful effect that looks hand-drawn.

Give European Scrapbooking layouts a try. It's a challenge you will enjoy!

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